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For Your Staff and Practice

• Do you want your medical or wellness office to be more efficient, effective, and collaborative while also minimizing errors and  oversights?
• Would you like to reduce sick days and turnover by improving staff well-being and care for each other and patients served?

For Your Patients

• Are you frustrated when patients don't follow your recommendations for self-care?
• Do you have patients who could benefit from reducing the damaging effects of excess stress hormones and start rebuilding some resilience, well-being, and DHEA?
• Do you want them to have knowledge, tools, and skills for meeting physical and emotional stresses of their life, illness, overwhelm, and change?

HeartMath Resilience Training or Workshops, Wellness Coaching, or Stopping Emotional Eating Program Coaching can help.

Resilience Advantage™ Trainings, Workshops, and Coaching

These are based on the same HeartMath® system of tools, techniques, and technology used in leading hospitals and medical centers throughout the nation and are proven to boost personal and organizational effectiveness and well-being. Now that same quality program is available for all sizes of health and wellness practices and their patients.

Topics can include:

• Optimal Performance
• The Evolving Definition Of Resilience
• Identifying, Depleting, and Renewing Emotions
• The Role Of Stress and Emotions In Performance and Health
• The Physiology Of Coherence
• Intelligent Energy Self-Regulation Techniques
• How Different Emotions Affect Heart Rate Variability Rhythm Patterns
• Demonstration Of Real-Time Emwave® Technology
• How Emotions Drive Brain Activity Into Chaos Or Coherence
• The Freeze Frame® Decision Making Tool
• The Impact Of Relational Energetics On Teams
• Getting In Sync and Flow
• Building and Sustaining Resilience Capacity

Resilience Advantage

Additional modules on balanced care, sleep, and intuitive heart-intelligent planning are available from Resilience Insights who headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California.

Individual or Group Wellness Coaching

This empowers change with the coaching support, accountability, and tools for making lasting lifestyle changes to benefit physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Interactive group and individual wellness coaching can be in person, via telephone or online live video.

Stopping Emotional Eating Program

This program was developed through HeartMath's 20 years of research and includes coaching, a guidebook, technology, and optional webinars to address the missing piece in all other weight loss programs, such as compulsive eating and self-sabotage, as well as:

• Eating Due To Stress, Anxiety, Boredom, Frustration, Nervous Energy Or Insecurity
• Stress Hormone-Induced Fat Storage and Cravings for Salty and Sweet Foods
• Temptations To Comfort Yourself Or To Celebrate With Overeating
• Urges To Binge Or Reject Food To Numb Feelings Or Regain a False Sense Of Control
• Learn To Stop Emotional Eating Or Any Compulsion and Develop a Healthier Relationship With Food While Better Managing Stress and Life

Weight loss and habit changes do NOT have to be stressful!

The iteractive Stopping Emotional Eating Program can be in person, via telephone or online live video.