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For Your Organization

Let's partner to clarify your organizational vision, goals, and challenges and how HeartMath's scientifically proven Resilience Advantage training, workshops, or coaching can boost your organizational effectiveness.

The HeartMath approach, tools, and techniques are scientifically validated by peer-reviewed research and are proven to:

• Increase Resilience, Efficiency, and Effectiveness While Reducing Errors
• Increase Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving
• Improve Morale and Reduce Emotional Over-Reactivity
• Enhance Teamwork and the Capacity To Communicate and Collaborate With Others
• Reduce Stress, Sick Days, and Turnover

Build Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Strengthening staff resilience has become an important strategy for improving personal and organizational effectiveness, productivity, health, and well-being. The Resilience Advantage training program provides a practical framework of self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that dramatically help individuals gain more poise and clarity in the face of change and overwhelming circumstances. Improved composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger identity with organizational purpose and core values. An improved work culture builds upon and reinforces the strengths of employees, leading to increased productivity and innovation.

Resilience Advantage™ Trainings, Workshops, and Coaching

These are based on the same HeartMath® system of tools, techniques, and technology used in leading corporations, hospitals and medical centers throughout the nation and are proven to boost personal and organizational effectiveness and well-being. Now that same quality program is available for all sizes of and their staff. Topics can include:

• Optimal Performance
• The Evolving Definition Of Resilience
• Identifying, Depleting, and Renewing Emotions
• The Role Of Stress and Emotions In Performance and Health
• The Physiology Of Coherence
• Intelligent Energy Self-Regulation Techniques
• How Different Emotions Affect Heart Rate Variability Rhythm Patterns
• Demonstration Of Real-Time Emwave® Technology
• How Emotions Drive Brain Activity Into Chaos Or Coherence
• The Freeze Frame® Decision Making Tool
• The Impact Of Relational Energetics On Teams
• Getting In Sync and Flow
• Building and Sustaining Resilience Capacity

Resilience Advantage

Additional modules on balanced care, sleep, intuitive/intelligent planning are available from Resilience Insights whose headquarters are located in Costa Mesa, California.

Flexible Training Modules

The Resilience Advantage program can be customized and adapted to your organization's needs and time schedule, delivered in 4-to-6-hour workshops or during several one-to-two-hour-long sessions spread out over several weeks, delivered on-site at your location or live online.

Choose from module topics that target your organizational and training objectives.

Program content options:
• The Science and Understanding Of Optimal Performance
• The Many Dimensions Of Resilience
• The Role Of Depleting and Renewing Emotions On Heart Rhythms, Performance, and Health
• The Physiology Of Creating Coherence Or Chaos In the Brain and Work Environment
• Intelligent Energy, Self-Regulation, and Stress Management Techniques
• Effective Decision-Making and Planning Tools
• The Impact Of Attitudes and Emotions On Team Performance and Effective Communication
• Effectively Communicating In Challenging Times
• Strategies and Action Plans for Building and Sustaining Resilience Capacity